Easier to name nations we don’t help

Reader Input
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They must think we are stupid. All we hear lately is the deficit and balancing the budget. We are at a critical point and in fact are sinking fast. Our great so-called political leaders constantly harp on such issues as: Social Security, Medicare, taxation, reducing policemen, firemen, cutting education, etc. Well, what’s wrong with all these numbskull boneheads, as the late Huey Long would ask. They must really think we are a real stupid lot of citizens and taxpayers. They borrow and send the money to almost every country in the world while we go further in debt and watch the debt figures fly out of control. Who will give us foreign aid? I was recently asked what nations we are sending money to in foreign aid and wished the question had been what nations are we not sending aid to. It sure would have been easier to respond to. And again all of our so-called political leaders only harp on the things that they want to eliminate or cut from us, the taxpayer and citizen. Ugh. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn