Eating disorders ruining lives

Reader Input
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Eating disorders are a huge issue striking many teens and adults today. It is an issue worth speaking out about. I know many people personally who have this issue. It should not be taken lightly. It is a real disease. And do you know why there are so many women and men who get this? A major factor is from what people see on magazines, television, movies and more. They idolize those skinny boys and girls on that TV screen or on that cover of the magazine. They plaster them all over their walls for inspiration and encouragement to one day look like that person. And what happens when they don’t look like that? They get discouraged, a failure, fat. And then what do they resort to? That’s right, they don’t eat. Or they “toss their cookies” over and over and over again. This is not OK. It needs to be stopped. I ask you to spread this message so people are aware. So they can start to care. So they can help these poor people living a shell of a life trying to be something they just can’t. Sharon Vaupen, Roseville