Education donations need oversight

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Re: “Local foundation tries to make up for Auburn’s education budget shortfall” (Wednesday, Dec. 22). Recent headlines scream “Sierra College cannot balance budget; B students cannot read, write, qualify for jobs; Taxed enough already voters kick out addicted spendthrifts at every public level; Schools closing for lack of money.” Supporters of the failed Measure L want to assume the voters taxation privately by having voters donate “taxes” to a private foundation to ease the school administrators’ incompetent pain. Voters have been conned years on end about how police, fire, EMS, schools and other services will fail if more money is kept from the addicted wanting it. Voters need to consider their donations to a private foundation as “provisional.” Two dollars of administration cost eliminated for every one dollar donated and defined use of those donated dollars. Consider the unintended consequences of private donations unleashed in danger of a permanent entitlement as the addicted cannot stop plundering the tax money and that is why we voters ride the crest of their bankruptcy. The idea of private capital donated to fix the local schools is commendable if run like a transparent, measurable business and not just another warm fuzzy social experiment. Be careful who you play with in this game. They have had years of practice on your money. BOB SEIDLITZ, Auburn