Effort begun to offer safe rides

Reader Input
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I would like to thank all those who supported us after my daughter Sandra’s death in a car accident in March (Journal, March 12). Thanks to the staff at Skyridge School, Larry Gosh at Encore Records, Al Lauer at Cherry Records, and the people of the communities of Auburn and Georgetown for the many prayers, cards, food and contributions to Sandra’s Benefit Fund. It is our intention to use the contributions to establish a non-profit organization which will provide rides home from the local bars to people who are too impaired to drive. While we would wish that an alert bartender or a “friend” would have provided this service for Sandra, that did not happen. Our goal is to establish “Sandra’s Safe Ride Home” in local communities, starting with Auburn, in hopes of preventing similar tragedies. Initially we had planned to use volunteer drivers so we could start this program soon. However, with liability laws being what they are in California, we have been directed to start a non-profit and do this the right way in order to be effective and achieve sustainability. Due to a family illness, we have been somewhat delayed in achieving this goal, but are now in the process of working toward this end with the help of friends and a young man in Arizona who has successfully established a similar program. If you wish to help in this endeavor, you may e-mail us at TIM HAUSER, Garden Valley