Elect Asbury to ARD board

Reader Input
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The chance to make a difference in our children’s lives in the foothills is upon us. I strongly believe that my vote for Chris Asbury for a seat on the Auburn Recreation District board will be in the best interest of our children and our parks. All of the negativity spewed in the past few months regarding ARD’s current board members is unfortunate and reflects the current board’s divisiveness. A gentleman of Chris Asbury’s character with his knowledge of finances and passion for recreational youth sports will be a welcome addition to ARD’s board and a much needed voice of reason. Our children have silently endured the deterioration of numerous ARD playing fields over the past few years and now is our opportunity to renew our commitment to those children. Every one of us involved in our childrens’ lives should make our voices heard with our vote for Chris Asbury for ARD. Mike Latham, Newcastle