Elect these men to school board

Reader Input
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I support Robert Tice-Raskins and Scott Hopper for the Pleasant Ridge Union School Board. I met Robert four years ago when my second son, Max, joined the Cub Scouts in Pack 787. I had seen him and his family every night and every Saturday during the summer months at the LOP Piranhas’ Swim Team, but never really got to know him until Cub Scouts. Robert was our Den Leader for the three years we spent in Cub Scouts. His passion for teaching the boys the path to manhood and his leadership skills are top-notch. You’d be surprised how well you can get to know a man over a campfire, eating s'mores and drinking hot chocolate. Who would have thought an attorney can be so funny? Max quickly fit in with his second son, Aidan, and the main reason we choose to join Boy Scouts Troop 855 was because of the Tice-Raskin family. I have no doubt in my mind that Robert Tice-Raskin is the right choice for our community. He’s the right choice for our children. He will ensure the necessary steps are taken to provide the required educational experience for our school district. I also support Scott Hopper for the Pleasant Ridge Union School Board. Scott is also a tremendous community leader. His son, Dean, was in Max’s class at Cottage Hill and somehow talked him into playing basketball. Max is a soccer player and had never really picked up a basketball so I was a little apprehensive when Scott called wanting Max to join his team. I made a point of observing the practices and saw what kind of man Scott is. He has a great passion for the love of the game and provided a great learning experience for Max. These types of leadership skills are unparalleled. As a coach myself, you can’t but appreciate the number of volunteer hours that are necessary for a productive season. This same type of passion will be easily transferred to the school board and ultimately to our children. We need Robert Tice-Raskins and Scott Hopper on our School Board. Jim Oebker, Grass Valley