Elect this trio to guide rec board

Reader Input
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Auburn-area voters have an opportunity to bring diversity to Auburn Recreation District’s board of directors that has been lacking the past six years. Candidate Monique Margaux, running for a seat on the board, is a successful local businesswoman with an abiding interest in local politics. She is bright and interested in bringing new ideas to the district. Monique’s participation in local service clubs and community organizations has proven her ability to work together with diverse groups to accomplish different organizational goals. Through her current membership in the Leadership Auburn forum, Monique will widen her already broad knowledge of the area and the commerce that exists in our thriving community. She will bring a female perspective to the current all-male board. In addition, Jim Ferris and Jim Gray are both seeking to retain their board seats. Working together with Scott Holbrook and myself, and under the brilliant direction of District Administrator Kahl Muscott, they have been able to stem the negative publicity caused by previous poor administration and a lone-wolf board member who does not work well with others. Their well-thought-out, fiscally conservative programs and activities have added a reasoned approach to the board’s value-added decisions. It is imperative to have a board that is cohesive, not fractured by one member’s antics and obviously negative partisanship. Please elect these three to the ARD’s board to ensure continuation of the positive strides taken in the last four years. Curt Smith, Auburn