Elected officials need pay cut

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So wrong. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, is so happy his bill AB 2313 passed. Where is the money going to come from to register pot products that will be overseen by a nine-member board? Just what we taxpayers need. He is a joke. I heard Gov. Jerry Brown say on TV that he would do his job, ?even if it only paid a penny,? so why doesn?t he forfeit his salary an all the rest of the money-hungry legislators and assemblymen. Shouldn?t all of them and all the people under them at least take a pay cut? Everyone else is getting cuts or being let go and have no jobs. Why can?t government-elected persons remember where and from whom their salary comes from? I can remember when most elected officials did the job they were elected to do. Nowadays it seems like they don?t care about us people and they spend more and more. I and a lot of people I know are very frustrated and it seems some people don?t read up on anything before going to the polls to vote. Also, can anyone tell me why President Barack Obama can fly Air Force 1 anywhere he wants to along with the other planes that carry all the vehicles and people (Secret Service and others) that have to go with him so he can campaign on our dollars? I don?t think any president should be allowed to do this ? very expensive. BETTY CRUZ, Auburn