UPDATE: June 6

Election results: Voters against Measure A early

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The polls for the 2012 Presdential Primary Election in Placer County have now closed and the semi-official results are in.

Below are totals from local races and measures with 100 percent of precincts reporting. 

Measure A Auburn charter city

With 100 percent of precincts reporting Measure A has been defeated with 65.32 percent voting "no" (1,409 tallies). The "Yes" votes totaled 748 (34.68 percent).

Measure D: North Auburn/Ophir fire protection

Measure D, a tax to pay for fire services went down to defeat with 58.97 percent (2,387 votes) against the measure. Votes in favor number 1,661 (41.03 percent). 

Measure E: Placer Hills Fire protection

This fire services tax passes with 1,203 votes in favor (52.90 percent) to 1,071 against (47.10 percent). 

Placer County Board of Supervisors: District 3

Incumbent Jim Holmes heads into another term with 65.23 percent of the vote (5,689 tallies). Robert Grigas has 2,995 votes (34.34 percent).

Placer County Board of Supervisors: District 5

In a crowded field incumbent Jennifer Montgomery wins with 6,307 votes (53.75 percent). Her closest challenger was Jerry Johnson with 1,896 votes (16.16 percent), followed by Richard A. Johnson with 1,667 votes (14.21 percent), Mark Wright with 938 votes (7.99 percent) and Gary T. Johnson with 897 votes (7.65 percent). 

State Senate: District 1

Incumbent Sen. Ted Gaines holds firm with 80,621 votes (48.2 percent), followed by Julie Griffith-Flatter with 51,208 (30.6 percent), Les Baugh with 26,799 votes (16.0 percent) and "Bo" Bogdan I. Ambrozewicz with 8,608 votes (5.1 percent). 

State Assembly: District 1

Brian Dahle leads the field with 29,965 votes (34.2 percent), followed by Rick Bosetti with 24,786 votes (28.3 percent), Robert Meacher with 23,194 votes (26.5 percent) David Edwards with 5,050 votes (5.8 percent) and Charley Hooper with 4,674 votes (5.3 percent).

State Assembly: District 5

Rico Oller has 33.4 percent of the vote with 28,533 votes in his favor, followed by Frank Bigelow with 24,660 votes (28.9 percent), Tim K. Fitzgerald with 15,365 votes (18.0 percent), Marc Boyd with 11,497 votes (13.5 percent), Mark Belden with 3,483 votes (4.1 percent) and Kevin Lancaster with 1,819 votes (2.1 percent).

State Assembly: District 6

Beth Gaines retains the lead against two challengers with 36.9 percent of the vote with 28,071 votes, followed by Regy Bronner with 24,250 votes (31.9 percent) and Andy Pugno with 23,719 votes (31.2 percent).

U.S. Congress: District 4

Incumbent Tom McClintock wins with 64.1 percent of the vote with 88,362 votes. Challenger Jack Uppal has 35.9 percent of the vote with 49,473 votes.