Elvis spotted in Rocklin

Reader Input
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I am sick and tired of this “birther” issue about President Obama coming up time and again. To Bob Velon (Reader Input, Aug. 16) and John Dummett, Jr. (Reader Input, Aug. 12), I suggest you move on to solving something more important such as world hunger, lack of jobs, foreign oil and global warming. At least debate on these issues has some logic. Those who still believe, after all the proof that has been produced, that our president was born in some foreign country, belong in the same category with those who still believe that the earth is flat, that doomsday is coming in 2012 and Elvis was seen yesterday in Rocklin. Why don’t these people demand proof from Rep. Tom McClintock that he is a real U.S. citizen? Why don’t they ask Glenn Beck? I want the real certificates in my hands. Then I want to test the paper and ink in my own laboratory and only if they pass my 5,742-step processes (that will take seven years) will I deem them real U.S. citizens. Most sane people will see how ridiculous all this is. Our president and our country do not need these stupid distractions designed by some to keep us from focusing on solving real problems. It is way past time to move on. Herb Tanimoto, Cool