Embezzling employee got off lightly?

Reader Input
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I read Sunday’s (June 28) front page article about the embezzlement of Tanko Well Drilling for $120,000 by Kathryn Kinderman with much sadness and not a little anger. One wonders whether a 21-month sentence is sufficient. Here is a person who allowed her own self-interest to endanger the jobs of at least 20 other employees. Tanko Well Drilling has served the Auburn community for more than 36 years, developing ground water, paying taxes and providing employment. The well drilling business under any circumstances is a difficult one. It is made even more difficult today in an economy where there is almost no construction and where regulatory obligations have ramped up to make almost any small business impossible. The Placer County Air Pollution Control District will require the removal from service of all Tanko’s drill rigs at the end of the year. Placer County Environmental Health has raised its fees 47 percent in just one year. Regulatory agencies like Cal/OSHA and CHP have accelerated inspections in order to increase citation revenues. Apparently this is the antidote to budget cuts. And then there is the rogue employee who is willing to bring it all down once and for all. And for what, a trip to Hawaii, among other personal pleasures? Her attitude — “Hey man, I needed the money.” If there is nothing else we get out of this depression, I hope it will be a sense that work is good and works for everyone in the long run, and that stealing is not and does not. This is not a crime that begs leniency. Dave Fulton, Diamond Well Drilling, Auburn