Emergency funds for Placer County childcare

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Two local agencies have approved funds for low-income childcare in the county. On Oct. 8 Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation providing state funding for child care services for families in the CalWORKS “Stage 3” program. This decision will reportedly affect 250 children in 150 families in Placer County. The First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission approved up to $300,000 in emergency childcare funding for children 5 years old and younger. The Placer County Office of Education has approved funding for children between the ages of 6 and 12. “Making sure these families have adequate time to find alternative care is critical,” said Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, superintendent of schools for the Placer County Office of Education. “We don’t want parents to be forced with the decision to go to work and leave their children home alone, in unsafe situations, due to not having daycare or to leave their jobs. In this economy, we need to do what we can to keep people working.” First 5 Placer reported the families it has talked to are appreciative of the funds while they search for more permanent solutions. “The families that have been told that these funds are now available are overjoyed by this news,” said Janice LeRoux, executive director of First 5 Placer. “This is the part of our jobs that we love … helping families and children in times of need.” ~Staff report