Employers share responsibility when theft occurs

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Embezzlement is so pathetic and disturbing to me. I was disgusted with the article in the paper about John Mendez, the Placer County employee (Journal, June 25), and now the Tanko Well Drilling employee, Kathryn Kinderman (Journal,June 28). Clearly, these people have major problems besides their greed. This employee theft is all too common and has been going on for many decades. Why aren’t people learning from these horror stories and taking steps into their own hands to protect themselves. The employers that allow this to happen to them also need to take some responsibility — and be held accountable. Where were the controls, where was the auditing in both of these situations? Mr. Tanko blames the banks for not giving him his money back. This was also disturbing to me. Mr. Tanko needs to accept and take some responsibility for his company problem. To allow one person to have all that control over his checks and business is unreal. Was there no separation of duties? Who was balancing the bank accounts? Mr. Tanko is angry with his bank — Union Bank. Does he really think they are spending every day, all day looking at his bank account to see what he was depositing and what checks were clearing? No, that would be ridiculous. That would be his responsibility. Maybe Wells Fargo has some liability since they are the bank that accepted the forged items. But even then, it’s not all their fault either. Banks are a business, too. They can’t be expected to solve everyone’s problems all the time. There is a reason that policies and procedures are in place. There is a reason for separation of duties. There is also a reason for auditing those polices and procedures so I certainly hope that Mr. Gary Tanko and Placer County start working on putting those policies and procedures in place to eliminate this crime from happening again. CHERYL GREEN, Auburn