End blame game and help schools

Reader Input
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Before we go throwing out the baby with the bath water, perhaps we should realistically look at the issues facing the Auburn Union School District. For those of you who continue to think our problem is too many administrators and the teachers’ union, perhaps we should look at some facts. The district’s budget is roughly comprised of 80 percent teachers’ salaries, 13 percent special education and the remainder is used for transportation, maintenance, supplies, books, electricity, water, etc. There are no secret hidden pots of money. We do not have too many administrators, and the teacher’s union is not evil. What we have are 1,000 fewer students than we did 10 years ago. With fewer students we have less money. It’s that simple. If you have attended any budget meetings you will see that there is no more fat to cut. They have already cut music and art from elementary schools, asked the teachers to take furlough days and have increased class sizes. Our district is close to being taken over by the state and we will lose local control. We are in a crisis. What can you do? Get involved, attend a board or budget meeting and offer realistic solutions, volunteer your time, give financially, whatever you can do will help. Let’s stop blaming teachers and administrators for the mess we’re in, because our kids are the ones that are suffering. It’s time for the citizens of Auburn to step up. Our kids need you. Michelle O’Brien, Auburn