End county top dog’s unreal pension

Reader Input
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Hey, county supes, it’s a great opportunity that you have now that (CEO Tom) Miller is retiring (Journal, Dec. 13) End the lifetime health benefits and unreal pension of the incoming top dog. Pay him or her a great salary and health benefits, maybe a 401K, but when he/she moves on, the health and 401K is theirs to maintain, not the taxpayers. What an example to point to when new hires come on board and are given the same program. And this won’t happen, of course. Just look at the revenue-sharing issue. You supes don’t want to lose that power or votes, now do you? We, the voters, never gave you that perk. Here’s an idea. If it’s such a good idea, put it on a ballot. Let the county voters have a say. But this is symptomatic of government today where you give yourselves raises, increased vacation, cash for sick days unused, larger pensions and all because you can. How many public employees both active and retired do we the taxpayers pay for? I wonder what percentage of the county budget this adds up to? James McKesson, Auburn