Energy policy key to future

Reader Input
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The cap and trade bill has been abandoned because of partisan political differences. Some will say, “Thank goodness we defeated another Democrat tax increase.” Others will ask, “What about our future?” China just became the largest energy consumer on the planet and their soaring economy will consume still more oil. Demand for oil will outpace the planet’s ability to sustain our needs. Don’t be fooled by the claim of large oil shale deposits in Colorado; if these were viable, they’d be producing oil now. The U.S. imports 60 percent of our oil. One-third of that comes from countries where people hate the U.S.A., like Saudi Arabia. Our very future depends on reducing our dependence on imported oil, especially from these petro-dictators. We have promising developments for alternative energy, but they need funding through tax revenue. In addition to new energy, there will be new jobs and large opportunities in the business of energy. This year, China installed their version of cap and trade, to decrease use of oil. China has committed almost $1 trillion to development of alternative energy. We squabble over partisan turf, while China moves ahead to solve its energy needs. Ron Paitich, Auburn