Enough with the handouts

Reader Input
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This letter is written in response to our new attorney general. In parts I agree with our new attorney general’s braying, because I know we have political cowards in both parties who sell their convictions, or what is left of them, to voluntary contributions (bribes) and by our elected president that is using the wrong end to do his thinking, by seeing his choosing of secretaries of state that never did anything good to earn that responsible position. Our most important distinction is not between the black and white populations, but between productive and unproductive persons. What we really need from our immigrants, illiterate or educated, is the good example from parents, rather than aid the state gives them – that does more harm and is wasteful, because of the drawbacks it will cause them in the future – if they will have any future. God gave all of us two hands and a brain to use them properly, and not to expect to have taxpayers support them. I consider myself a proud American that knows how to say thank you America, and not a political leech that expects others to pay my bills. Fritz Gosalvez, Auburn