Enter ravine project via Pacific Street

Reader Input
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As a long-time resident of Auburn and a local business owner, I am not opposed to the development of Baltimore Ravine. Growth that is well thought out and planned with all citizens in mind is a benefit to everyone. As a homeowner in the Sierra Vista del Valle subdivision, I am concerned that the proposed use of Herdal Drive as the primary entrance to the Baltimore Ravine project is not the safest or most logical route. I am grateful that the city council has decided to take the time to study all options further. There are several problems with the Herdal option. Auburn Folsom Road is already a bottleneck at the corner of Herdal as it goes from four lanes down to two. And, as one drives up Herdal Drive toward Auburn Folsom Road, cars cannot see you coming up the hill as they pull out of the commercial space on the right. This is already an accident waiting to happen and a steep increase in traffic will make this spot even worse. One does not need an advanced degree in city planning to realize that bringing the traffic for a project this large, that includes commercial space, through a residential area goes against established best practices for city planning. I do not imagine that the businesses that would eventually open in Baltimore Ravine could possibly thrive when there is one two-lane road available to get to them. With no way to widen the road to alleviate traffic, will future city council members decide to put a road through on Pacific Street? I suggest we do this right from the start and use Pacific Street as the primary entrance to the Baltimore Ravine Project. I trust that our elected council members will choose to not go with what is cheapest and most convenient for the developer but what is best for Auburn and its citizens, and use the Pacific Street entrance to Baltimore Ravine. Shelly Bokman, Auburn