Erect monopine in a practical spot

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to the Auburn Journal editorial “Auburn needs monopine,” (Our View, Feb. 13). Not all area residents are against having a cell tower. I am not against it, but I am against the location. Many of you will think I’m just another NIMBY (not in my backyard). Here are some facts that most of the citizens of Auburn are not aware of: Fact one: This proposed site was residential when my wife and I built our homes in 1960. It was a residential site when my neighbor and friend bought his home in 1970. We both thought we would be protected because of this existing zoning. In (1979) that all changed. It was rezoned industrial. To me that smacks of a violation of the “ex-post-facto laws,” if not a direct violation of the spirit of the law. Fact two: If this cell tower is approved in its present designated area, it will be right above a 50-plus-year-old city sewer. When it breaks, and it will eventually break, the city will be stuck with a huge sewer problem and cost. This — all according to the Public Works Department. Fact three: There are other sites to put this cell tower. It does not need to be next to my friend’s home. The owners of the industrial lot have a huge piece of property. The tower could easily be placed at the far corner several hundred feet from the proposed site. I have AT&T service and if they can improve it – great. The fact is AT&T has shown very little compassion for our community. They have canceled meetings at the last minute with community members. They even canceled at the last minute a session with the city council. AT&T dictates when and where meetings will be held with little regard to our city council and the community in general. I have every confidence in the Auburn city council. All five members made personal visits to our neighborhood, some even venturing into the very steep building site. AT&T has dragged the cell tower process on for months. I, for one, would hope the council would force AT&T into a fair and rational decision. GEORGE HARRISON, Borland Avenue resident, Auburn