Error made at state level

Reader Input
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Re: Donna McCloskey’s letter regarding jurors called (“County’s error again colossal,” Reader Input, June 8): you are dead wrong Ms. McCloskey.
Placer County has not been involved with the courts for several years. All state courts were transferred over to the State Judicial Council and the administrative office of the courts and are under a state, not a county function.
Says she, “I guess this is yet another glaring example of incompetent county employees.” Not true, Ms. McCloskey. The county is solvent, the state, including the judicial council and the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), are not.
Oh, for the days of Jury Commissioner Jeri White-Turtle. Had she not been allowed to retire this would have never happened.
If you want to contact the JC or the AOC they are both located in San Francisco, that wonderfully gay city by the bay.
Ronald L. Schwab, Auburn