E.V. Cain students get a jump on helping

By: Loryll Nicolaisen Journal Staff Writer
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Some E.V. Cain Middle School seventh-graders are celebrating Make A Difference Day a little early this year. Considered America’s largest day of doing good, Make A Difference Day 2008 will be celebrated Saturday. USA Weekend and Newman’s Own award $100,000 to charity as a thank-you for Make A Difference Day volunteers. Shirley Paris asked her seventh-graders to jump-start Make A Difference Day by volunteering 12 hours of their time, between home, school and community. “All three of those entities require them pulling their share,” she said. Many students took on additional chores, or babysat younger siblings, or both, to tackle their four hours of home service. School service came in the form of recycling and after-school classroom help for some seventh-graders. “It’s teaching us to help our neighbors and to make our community a lot better,” said seventh-grader Christina McLaughlin. “I think it’s important because most people are usually doing their own routine. Stepping out and doing something for others makes you feel really good.” Seventh-grader Rachel Fajardo dedicated her four hours of community service to organizing a canned food drive in her neighborhood. “I had just seen an article in the newspaper that the (Auburn Interfaith) food closet needed more cans, so it motivated me to do a can drive and help out,” Rachel said. Rachel said the project helped her realize how appreciative people are when helped. “It’s a good thing to do because people like to know that others care and aren’t just self centered,” she said of Make A Difference Day. Seventh-grader Lindsey Tadlock volunteered at the Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation, or AAARF, cleaning cages and working with cats and kittens. “I kind of want to do it again some time, because it was really fun,” she said. Chipping in served as a good learning experience for Lindsey. “Everyone needs a little help now and then, not just your family and at home, but at the community and the school,” she said. “Doing lots of little things can make a big difference, if everyone pitches in.” The Journal’s Loryll Nicolaisen can be reached at, or comment online at