Ever enjoy a national park?

Reader Input
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Regarding Mike Michaelsen’s government-bashing letter of Oct. 7, “Tough to trust government,” he says of the U.S. Postal Service, “It’s broke” – yet it delivers my mail every day, rain or shine. Likewise the “broke” Social Security system provides millions of Americans with retirement or unemployment checks every month which allow them to survive. The War on Poverty gave us Head Start, the Senior Nutrition Program and lifted millions of poor people into the middle class (until Reaganomics put them back down). Yet Mike says it hasn’t worked. He ignores whatever doesn’t fit his tunnel vision. What about our marvelous moon and Mars landings, the Hubbell telescope and the Internet? Has he ever visited a national park, enjoyed a national forest or driven on an interstate? Does he enjoy clean air and water, or ever watch the superb PBS? Does he appreciate pure food and drugs, or workplace safety requirements? I guess not, for he considers government programs have a “100 percent failure rate.” It is easy for simple people to close their eyes and rant against all things government. But more thoughtful people are aware that government can and does do some things well, and appreciate what it provides. So – which are Mike’s “Ranting Ron’s that just don’t get it?” CHAS DAWSON, Auburn