Ever hear of Santana Row?

Reader Input
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This is a response to “More Ideas” from Deric Rothe’s Friday view. Thank you for getting us thinking. I don’t really have an answer, but I have been to a few places that put together a great idea and the participation and atmosphere was really fun. The answer I will leave to the planners and designers. I lived in San Jose for a while. They have a great place called “Santana Row.” It is a mix of high-end and average-priced stores and restaurants. I was there recently to meet old friends and they have a small grass area and stage. The majority of the space was restaurants and little outside seating areas. We could visit, hear the music and shop. I think we could do this in the Downtown and Old Town areas. Maybe close the streets for three hours on Friday nights. That is a good day to go out after a long week. I see that they are also having music outside on certain nights at The Fountains in Roseville. I won’t travel there, so help us, planners and designers. Make it happen. Debbie Sanchez, Newcastle