Every election, exercise right to vote

Reader Input
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I volunteer my time registering people to vote. It really saddens me that so many people, especially young women, don’t bother to register. I say especially women because it wasn’t until 1920 that (U.S.) women were even granted the right to vote. And it saddens me, too, that our two women (gubernatorial) candidates didn’t bother to vote in years past. In other countries people wait in line for hours to cast their vote. They seem to realize how important this process is. Here people don’t even have to go to the polls, they can vote by mail. How convenient is that? Please, think of your children and what a role model you are to them. Take them with you when you go to the polls. Show them how democracy works and how important your vote is. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, decline to state, etc., we should all remember that we have this right and we should exercise this right at every election. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn