Everyone deserves a wonderful holiday

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I am writing because I think people need to donate more gifts to children whose parents can’t afford to buy presents for the holidays. There are shelters where you can donate gifts and food to the less fortunate. People should donate gifts because everyone should have a good Christmas and holiday with food and presents. People with extra money should donate gifts to homeless shelters instead of spoiling their children with more presents. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or brand new; they can be gently used toys. Parents, tell your children to go through their toys and pick out the toys they don’t play with often. If they are gently used toys, then please, donate them to someone who doesn’t have much. The holidays aren’t just about receiving gifts; it is also about giving and being nice. If you live by someone who lives alone, visit them and say hi. Even if you wave and smile at people in the car, that is what Christmas is all about –– being nice. Please, during these holidays, think about others and not just about what you are getting for Christmas. Donate gifts to homeless shelters and be nice to everyone. Carly Huston Auburn