Excessive drinking at ball is deplorable behavior

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I’m sure I’m not the only Auburnite to deplore Delmar Winkle’s letter to the Journal of Aug. 27 praising the hard drinking at the Black & White Ball. My husband and I have often attended the ball, and occasionally enjoy a glass of wine. It’s sad, however, when people like Mr. Winkle boast about “getting their drink on” and being too drunk to find their car after an hour of searching. They imply they would have driven home under the influence if they had found it. If I were them, I would be truly ashamed of the ”little accident” in someone else’s car (vomit? a spilled drink?) What a shame we can’t count on even a senior citizen for wisdom or a sense of responsibility. As a spiritual counselor, I often wonder why people socially drink to excess. What are they trying to escape or hide? The aging process? Reality? Responsibility? Virginia Ward Auburn