Excitement is in the air with Homecoming next week

By: Alexandra Garner, Journal Correspondent
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Students at Placer High School are excited for the upcoming events occurring during homecoming next week. At the high school, it is a week-long event filled with various activities that students, as well as staff members, partake in. 

According to the 2012-2013 ASB President Brandon Barry, the group of kids putting this on and those that participate is what makes the atmosphere better, and what makes homecoming week memorable.

“We’re trying to make it a really good year for the seniors because it’s our last year,” said Senior Class President Cameron Rohde. 

This year, there are five different themes. Monday is America day, Tuesday is color day, Wednesday is superhero day, Thursday is decade’s day, and Friday is the annual green and gold day.

“I enjoy the festivities and activities in which different classes practice,” said senior Chase Terry.

Those in charge of the week-long event chose themes that all can participate in and because of this, many take part in each dress-up day. 

“I’m very excited for homecoming because I get to see people in weird outfits,” said senior Nicolas Reed.

One of the highlights of homecoming week is the senior powder puff flag football game. This year, it is happening on Tuesday, Oct. 2. That evening, at 7, the two teams, Army vs. Navy, will battle it out on the LeFebvre Stadium. In fact, during school, students are encouraged to wear either navy blue or green, or a military outfit to support the senior class. 

Also, many people are looking forward to the football game happening on Friday, Oct. 5. Moreover, aside from the thrill the game brings, many are eager to watch the halftime show put by the Golden Hillmen band, cheer squad, and dance team. 

Finally, to end the week with a bang, the school is having the annual homecoming dance on Saturday, Oct. 6. All ladies are encouraged to wear formal dresses, and the gentlemen in flashy clothing. 

Overall, many are ecstatic for the upcoming week to arrive.