Existing policies not sustainable

Reader Input
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We are moving down a continuum that is not sustainable mathematically or economically. California has been the proverbial hen house guarded by the foxes for years and has left us with a legacy of broken infrastructure, a poor educational system and thousands of high-paid government workers and pensioners bilking us for six-figure pensions. It doesn’t take an actuary to do the math on these generous giveaways and their unsustainability. The same has happened with Social Security. Benefits have been increased, new beneficiaries have been augmented, actuarial assumptions have not been adjusted to account for longevity. As we look to Europe now we see the results of misguided social policies with a bankrupt banking system, people demanding retirements at age 60 or earlier, students in England that believe they are owed a virtually free education, etc. My forefathers came to America to leave tyranny of a governmental ruling class, the dysfunction and corruption of Europe. Our state, country and our posterity deserve and demand a vigorous debate over education, governmental wages, pensions, Social Security and a host of other policies. I hope the debate has room at the table for those who actually send children to schools, run businesses and pay taxes. Thank you, Auburn Journal, for continuing to highlight the costs of government. Dean Forman, M.S., CFP, CEBS, Meadow Vista