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Reader Input
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I am one who enjoys starting my day as slowly as possible with a cup of tea and a newspaper in hand — the old-fashioned paper with print on it. Later in the day, I usually check in with other media. So, I dearly wish the Journal’s “News Digest” of national and international news on page A3 was expanded. I’d like it to be more than one page, but at least if one whole page were dedicated to the “News Digest,” I would be happier. I understand the major financial trials of print news sources these days, necessitating the cuts that have already happened at the Journal. And, I know that page A3 has always been a prime advertising location. But, could we consider a compromise, such as a smaller photo at the top and maybe fewer ads on page A3? I also recognize that the Journal bills itself as the “community newspaper.” But, I think a daily community paper can also provide readers with the big picture of each day’s news, i.e. community news with an ample amount of important, national and international news. By “important” I mean more than what Sunday’s “Digest” of five stories highlighted: two “crash[es]”, “fire”, “waves flip ... boat”, and “... leave... treaty.” Were those stories really the most important in the world for Auburn area readers to know this past Sunday morning? For me, they weren’t. To be an informed citizen, I need more than what the “Digest” is giving me. LindaLou Haines, Colfax