Expensive gas, rents hurting Colfax

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What’s up? Do our city leaders in Colfax want Colfax to be the same size as Iowa Hill? We’ll soon be down to no restaurants Gas prices are so high in Colfax even the tourists drive “right on by.” When they drive “right on by,” they don’t stop at our restaurants. I had a guy ask me, “why do you have all those gas cans in the back of your pickup?” I told him because I can’t afford to buy gas in Colfax. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why we have a Home Depot in Auburn. People don’t mind spending; they just don’t want to spend all their money in one place. Of course, there are other reasons why Colfax is drying up. People are out of work everywhere and they can’t afford to pay more than they charge in Auburn. High rent and utilities doesn’t help our small business owners. KNIGHT WAGNER, Colfax