Facebook is public forum

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Re: ?Keep Facebook privacy intact? (Journal, May 3): I understand Molly Carter?s argument that bosses should not be allowed to view their current or potential employees? Facebook pages. However, I think that Facebook pages are public, and anyone who feels like viewing someone else?s Facebook page has the right to do so. If you create an account on a social networking site, then you should be aware that people are going to view the page ? that?s what the page is for. If you don?t want people, your boss included, viewing your page, then you can lock the page down so that only people who are ?friends? with you on Facebook can view your account. Molly Carter?s situation is one of the main reasons that this setting was created for a Facebook account ? because she personally does not want a group of people, for some private reason, to view her page. By participating in the golden age of social media, you are agreeing to forfeit a bit of privacy. And besides, you have pictures or comments on your Facebook page that are bad enough to get you fired, then you might want to consider deleting these from your page. JAY MALONEY, student, Auburn