Faith offers peace that surpasses all

Reader Input
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Several weeks ago there was a cartoon under “Visual Viewpoints” of Uncle Sam on his knees praying for Japan. I was truly encouraged to see that, and continue to pray for Japan, but I also was impressed with the thought we should be on our knees praying for our country, seeing all the physical devastation in so many parts of the United States, and the turmoil we are experiencing in our government. In these storms of life we can still trust God as we seek him. He is the Potter and we are the clay. As we come once again in to Easter, remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we know that he is alive, and those that are called by his name can, with complete affirmation, say, “He is risen!” In this world we will have tribulations, but we can have confidence that we have a God that is in control at a time such as this. Faith steps in and gives us a peace that passes all understanding … as the Bible tells us. Have a wonderful Easter time, and God bless you! ELLY DERR, Auburn