Familiar faces: Carol Isaacson – co-Owner of Depoe Bay Coffee Co.

By: Stephanie Breitbart, Journal Staff Writer
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Q. How long have you worked here? A. We’ve been here since April 2000. When we first started Depoe Bay, it was half the size. Then a few years later we expanded to have a place where people could sit. Q. What’s something unique about you? A. I can generally become friends with all of my customers. I want to treat them like I would want to be treated. I’m also on a first-name basis with many of my customers, and that’s very special. Q. What hobbies do you enjoy? A. I spend most of my free time with my grandchildren. They live right around the corner and I see them a lot. We plan out our day and go on scavenger hunts and spend time together. I also like to walk a lot, and cook, but I enjoy spending time with my family the most. Q. What’s your favorite TV show and movie? A. My favorite TV show right now is “Dancing with the Stars.” My favorite movie is “Forrest Gump.” He was quite a guy, so innocent. Q. Where is your favorite place to vacation? A. My favorite vacation place is Disneyland. I try to go once a year with the grandkids. I also love the beach and Point Reyes. It’s beautiful. Q. What are your greatest achievements? A. Having my children, and my children having their kids was such an accomplishment. I can have the worst day, but when I’m with them everything is OK. Another accomplishment is this business and getting to meet so many great people. At first, people told us we wouldn’t make it, but we said no, we’ll do what we can to survive. And now it’s a part of Auburn. Q. What are your future goals? A. Not to work as much. I broke my kneecap in September and was out of work for a few months. But since I’ve been back, I’ve been working seven days a week. So my goal would be not to work as much this summer. Dion and I also want to write a book about the coffee shop. We’ve got a lot of chapters we can fill with all the great stories and characters that come in here. Q. What’s your favorite drink at Depoe Bay? A. I really like the coffee bar. I trade off on which coffee I get. They are all so good. I also really like the white mocha and on hard days I get a lot of extra whipped cream on top. Q. What’s the best part about working at Depoe Bay? A. My favorite part is when it gets really busy in here and the noise level goes up and everyone is really happy and in a good mood. I have wonderful, loyal customers who watch out for us. It’s really rewarding to have people care about us so much.