Familiar faces: Phil Kattenhorn — owner and operator of Longhorn Meat Co.

By: Stephanie Breitbart Auburn Journal
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Q. How long have you been working at Longhorn Meat Co.? A. I’ve been working in this one for five years, but Longhorn Meats has been around since the 1970s. My dad started it and I came down from Alaska to help run it. He retired and so here I am, but I also ran a market in Alaska for 15 years. Q. Where did you grow up? A. I was born and raised in Alaska, but I came to Auburn and went to school here. I went to E.V. Cain and Placer High School and then when I turned 18, I moved back up to Alaska. I’ve had a taste of both places and I love them both equally, but here I can ride my Harley year-round and the weather is more consistent. Q. What hobbies do you enjoy? A. I like riding my Harley. This is an awesome riding area, lots of neat places to stop and check out. I like watching TV, listening to music and going out and meeting new people. I also like “Call of Duty” on X-Box. But working six days a week, it’s hard to do anything else. Q. What is your favorite TV show and movie? A. I like “The Office” and I like watching the comedy channel. My favorite movie is “Caddy Shack.” Q. What is your favorite music? A. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. I think they are the best band ever. Q. What kind of reading do you enjoy? A. I do a lot of reading to learn more about the meat business so I can improve and become a better manager. I think the more you know the better. Q. What is something that people might not know about you? A. I’m just a hard working, average guy just trying to make a living. Everyone who knows me knows I like to go out and have a good time. I’ve also been in the restaurant and liquor business before I did this. Q. Apart from your standard meats, what kind of interesting or exotic meats do you sell here? A. We have crocodile, python, venison, elk, duck, lamb, frog legs. We go through a lot of that kind of meat. Q. What is something you are most proud of? A. Keeping the business moving forward and keeping it going in the right direction. Q. Do you have family? A. I’m married and have a daughter in Alaska. My wife, Mary, is the director of dining services at Casa de Santa Fe. She cooks and I bring home the meat. Q. What is one of your future goals? A. My personal goal would be to get out and travel more in the future. I’d love to go to Italy and see some of their meat shops. I’d also like to continue growing with the business and maybe open more meat shops in the area. That would be my ultimate goal. Q. Why do enjoy working here so much? A. Auburn has been really good to us. It’s a good location and we are all really close here. We’re tight knit — all cousins that work here. It’s a real personable business. We know the customers and have repeat customers who come in every week.