Familiar Faces: Shelle Parsons — Owner of The Book Haven in Downtown Auburn

By: Stephanie Breitbart, Journal Staff Writer
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By Stephanie Breitbart Auburn Journal Q. How long have you been the owner? A. It’ll be five-and-a-half years that I’ve owned the store. I majored in English in Davis and when my kids were little, I started selling books online. Then I wanted more interaction, so I started the bookstore. Q. Where did you grow up? A. I grew up in Marin and Sonoma counties, mostly in Santa Rosa. We moved to Auburn seven years ago. Q. How many hours a week to do you read for fun? A. I spend probably 20 hours a week for me, but I also read every night to my kids. Q. Do you have a favorite book? A. “Where the Red Fern Grows” would have to be my favorite. My fourth-grade teacher first read it to us, but I moved before it was over and checked it out myself from the library to finish. It was my favorite book for years. It’s an absolutely fantastic book. Q. What other types of books do you like? A. My two favorite genres are general fiction and young adult. I get captured in a particular series, like Harry Potter. They are fantastic books. Now everyone should be reading “The Hunger Games.” It’s a trilogy, with the first two out and the third coming out soon. Everyone loves them. Q. What are your other hobbies? A. Reading is pretty much it. I volunteer at the Life Lab at Skyidge — it’s their garden. But my kids and reading take up most of my time. I have three kids — Robbie, 11, Kathryn, 9, and Chris, 7. Q. What is something unique about you? A. I was in the Army for five years. I was in Desert Storm and worked on helicopters. It’s completely different than working at a bookstore. Q. What are you most proud of? A. My three kids are really awesome, which I’m really proud of. Putting a lot of time and energy into parenting has paid off. Also I’m proud of the bookstore, especially after remodeling it. I’m also proud of my education. I paid my way through school on my own. I joined the Army to get the money and while in the Army became a good runner, which got me into Davis. Then I graduated from Davis with honors. Q. What is a future goal? A. I would like to maybe move the bookstore to a more visible location. And I would like my kids to continue in the right track. Q. What is the best part about working at The Book Haven? A. You get a really nice clientele. You get to know who’s who and what they want to read, and that helps me know what to read next.