Families and river nudists don’t mix

Reader Input
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I would like to comment on the Auburn River Festival that was written about in the Auburn Journal recently (May 12). Our family was so excited about the new stretch of the American River that was opened for rafting and immediately went out and bought a new raft. The first trip from the confluence to China Bar was taken by my husband and teenage daughter with her friend. About half way down the trip naked people started appearing along the shore. This was a shock to see how bold they were. The nudists made sure they stood up out of the water trying to get the girls’ attention. This is not what our family wants to see in an outdoor setting. This is against the law for these people to be there naked, but on inquiring about having them removed, we were told that the judges would not hear the cases and the rangers could not make the arrests. Until this situation is handled, this will not be an area that families will want to take their children to. All the money and planning in the world will not solve this problem without enforcing the law and have the nudists move their meeting area to where people are not trying to river raft and kayak with their families. Ann Reeves, Auburn