Families own the headstones

Reader Input
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As most Lincoln residents are aware, the Manzanita Cemetery was vandalized in November 2010, resulting in damages to 100 headstones and markers. Thanks to an anonymous tip, three suspects were arrested and the Placer County District Attorney is pursuing the case. (Editor’s note: The three suspects are scheduled for sentencing June 30). Out of concern for safety and to restore the general appearance of the cemetery, the Placer County Cemetery District No. 1 arranged for the monuments to be placed back in their original positions. This required the use of a large crane, pouring of new foundations as needed, as well as extensive drilling and pinning to provide adequate strength. However, this does not address the “cosmetic” damages. Many of the monuments now have cracks, chips and scratches as a result of the abuse from the vandals. It is possible that some of the damages can be repaired or at least made less noticeable by a professional stone worker. In most cases, due to the historical nature of the monuments, replacement is not a practical option. It must be noted that the monuments do not belong to the Placer County Cemetery District No. 1. They belong to the families who paid for them. Further repair and/or replacement is the responsibility of the families of the deceased. The Placer County Cemetery District No. 1 encourages any families wishing to seek restitution from the guilty parties to contact the office of the District Attorney where a restitution declaration form may be obtained. Again, we express our sympathy to all of the victims of the vandalism that took place at the Manzanita Cemetery. Peter Barmettler, manager, Placer County Cemetery District No. 1, Lincoln