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Fans: Help clean up pro baseball – boycott games

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Before we get carried away skewering (Alex Rodriguez) A-Rod and those following him in confession/suspicion line, as disgraceful cheaters (OK, they are), let’s not divert our focus too far from those primarily responsible for this debacle. Major League Baseball (and governing bodies of other sports tainted by doping) have perpetrated a massive fraud to the public, by blatantly and systematically ignoring the doping problem and failing to establish reasonable deterrents/penalties. “Everyone’s doing it, $252 million is on the line, you won’t get caught, and people will boo you if you don’t perform” — what else would you expect from A-Rod? We fans are also guilty of contributing to the prevailing win-at-all-costs cultural ideal. If we were to boycott the broadcasts and stadiums, professional sports would clean up quickly! Brad Kearns Auburn