Fantasy football, fantasy politics

Reader Input
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Let’s get to the point. The worst thing you can do in fantasy football is draft all the players on your favorite team. You have to step back and assess the entire league. You have do your homework before you “liken yourself” as a fantasy football team owner. Then you draft players intelligently in an all-out effort to win. There is nothing like feeling smart or lucky enough than to have drafted the right players and make nothing but points week after week. This is a fantasy football eXtreme dream. On the other hand, the worst thing you can do when you go to the voting booth is to vote for all the same players on the same old team. You haven’t stepped back and assessed the players in the league that we see in the media and determine if they are truly “draft able.” You haven’t done your homework before you “liken yourself” as a registered voter. When you add the tea party to the fold and the real threat of a modern revolution, people are not happy with the economy, jobs and the way Congress is trying to restructure and save us from their buffoon. The message here is simple — don’t be a die-hard fan of one party or the other. Become a proud team voter. You may not win all your bouts (votes) but with a consistent vote for change you will be joining a lot of us that are tired of the same old politics. Bill Thompson, Auburn