Fantasy math doesn’t wash

Reader Input
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“Please don’t skew numbers” says Jim Beall, Sr. (Reader Input, June 15). This sure smells of just one more liberal double standard. Dianne Foster (Reader Input, May 31) labels one who opposes the long-term tax burden of deficit spending as “clearly” advocating higher taxes and fears there’s an exodus of business from California because 1,525 manufacturing firms “went out of business or relocated” (which?) since 2006, causing 11 percent unemployment. Jim asked “which” as if Dianne Foster was playing a game and introducing fuzzy math to prove a point. On the other hand, no economist, congressperson or psychic anywhere in or outside government can measure, let alone point out, jobs “saved or created.” Where is the outrage with “Obama Miracle Math Creations?” It’s an example of fantasy statistics found in fortune cookies and liberal spin, expecting the masses to just believe the miracle from the messiah for he cannot be proven wrong. Real numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show 1.5 million jobs lost in the three months since the stimulus bill passed. Jobs “saved or created” have reached 150,000-plus. I ask you, which is it, “saved or created”? I ask for just one person to step forward and say my job was saved or created in the last 90 days by divine intervention. T. Nightingale, Auburn