Farmers deserve our gratitude

Reader Input
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As a frequent vendor and a weekly customer of our area farmers’ markets, I have endless appreciation and admiration for the farmers who bring us all our wonderful seasonal fruits and vegetables. I don’t need to be reminded of this, but this weekend, I was a little more thankful than normal. This past Sunday morning I went blackberry picking in my Grandma’s pasture, which has several thriving briar patches. There is nothing like fresh berries! I do this every year and am always reminded that this is not an easy activity. I survived the thorns, the weeds, the bugs, the scratches, the golf-ball-sized spiders, and when my baskets were finally full, I walked away with my fingers stained purple. While I always enjoy picking my own fruit, I was never so grateful to be a citrus farmer and to know that we have local farmers’ markets and wonderful farmers who grow berries when I’m not feeling so adventurous. Where else can you find such a huge variety of produce that comes fresh from local farms and groves? Picking is fun, but it’s just as fun to stroll through the market, fill your basket with fresh fruit and vegetables and talk to the farmer who grew it. Visit your local farmers’ market and enjoy the harvest. And don’t forget to thank a farmer. Tshandy Snow, Auburn