Fat cats may deserve thanks

Reader Input
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I need to respond to Robert Wahl (Reader Input, Nov. 16) who seems to have things turned around in his view of bailing out “fat cats” during the banking crisis. Robert has forgotten that Republican conservative icon President G.W. Bush lead the effort to stop the cascade of failing banks, with the Senate vote 74 to 25 and House vote 263 to 171 during a time that was regarded as an economic crisis. President Bush signed the bailout into law, despite Republican complaints that too many strings and restrictions were being placed on the banks. More recently, Republicans are holding out to continue tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, despite economist’s forecast that it could add billions to the national debt. Instead of lashing out at Democrats, Robert needs to review the principles of his own Republican Party. The GOP believes that it is the richest Americans that have made this country. The privileged class hierarchy is needed to provide capital for investments, the cornerstone of Capitalism. What money that is left over then trickles down to everyone else, as ordained per Reaganomics. Thus Robert should be thanking the “fat cats” for doing what they do best. If he doesn’t like this, he should become a Democrat! Herb Tanimoto, Cool