FBI raids raise questions

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In FBI raids of peace activists’ homes in Minneapolis and Chicago, the FBI claims it wants to know if the peace activists provided “material support” to terrorists. No one had been charged or arrested at the time. A recent Supreme Court ruling tragically said teaching nonviolence to those considered to be terrorists is “material support” and illegal. It is questionable whether the FBI was honest in obtaining the search warrants. This intimidation is somewhere between abuse of process and malicious prosecution. About a week before the raids, the U.S. Department of Justice’s internal watchdog released a report stating the FBI improperly investigated anti-war groups. It’s outrageous that the Obama administration is carrying forward political repression of the Bush regime, and is searching, raiding homes and issuing subpoenas to political activists for activities aimed at exposing unjust and immoral actions of the government. Why is he doing this? Does he believe in oppression or is he powerless to stop it? Is he a puppet of the same “power behind the throne”’ that controlled (George) Bush? Does anyone know how to resurrect the constitutional republic? Carroll Nast, Colfax