FDR rescued reader’s family

Reader Input
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The last thing I want to do is get into a political discussion, but if Franklin D. Roosevelt and his policies hadn’t been put into place, my parents and extended family wouldn’t have survived. My father, grandfather and uncles all worked for the WPA, and also CCC camps. My mother stood in the bread line while she was pregnant with me. She was humiliated beyond belief but there was no alternative. Because of WPA my parents and grandparents had a roof over their head, rather than living in a box along the railroad tracks as thousands did. Through the ’30s we managed to not go hungry or sheltered because of the policies put into place during that time. Unfortunately our country was being threatened, but all did manage to come out of the Great Depression. Later Social Security provided just enough for three of my grandparents to skimp by. Otherwise, they would have been totally without food or shelter. Since that time the generations have enjoyed parks, roads, bridges and beautiful forests. We are here today because our history is written for the land of the free and home of the brave. We have freedom of speech and press, on a foundation set for us with the signing of the Constitution. God bless America. Delta Wilson-Ricky, Auburn