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Reader Input
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Thank you so much for the article and pictures of our daughter, Kaitlin, that ran on the front page of the Auburn Journal May 18. Katie is very excited — as are we! We have been overwhelmed by the response of friends and acquaintances in the community with their positive reactions to the article. While it is “fun” to have your child get special attention and be a celebrity — I think the greatest impact of the article was the online comment I read: “Hooray! As a the mom of a brand new baby girl who happens to have Down syndrome, I am uplifted and filled with hope when I read about people like Katie” That is terrific! As new parents, 19 years ago, the unknown world of Down syndrome was very intimidating. Thanks to articles such as the one this week, our community is better educated to the “upside” of Down syndrome and other disabilities. Thank you for a well written, positive interview and great pictures! Laurie Van Groningen, Auburn