Feds unable to run health care

Reader Input
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For the past year the Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have been attempting to pass legislation nationalizing health care/health insurance giving control to unelected bureaucrats in Washington. Most of these people have never managed a business (even a lemonade stand on the corner), had a real job, nor created a job except for one paid with taxpayer tributes. They lurch along like Mr. Magoo tooling down the freeway clueless as to the havoc being wreaked behind them. The utter incompetence of the federal government is exemplified by being unable to effectively run a simple program to inoculate people with the swine flu vaccine. Yet this cast of Manny, Moe and Jack wannabees think that they can take over the entire health care system of the United States and reduce costs, cover millions more people with insurance and increase the quality of medical care. If their health insurance plans are such a utopian dream, why has Congress exempted itself from the program? The answer is simple. They know the plans they are proposing are going to be a total disaster when implemented after the 2012 election. They all took an oath to uphold the Constitution. My recommendations are that they should read it and cite which section of the Constitution gives them the authority to coerce each citizen into purchasing health insurance whether or not they want it. Carl E. Hass, Reno