File this with warming scare

Reader Input
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We are seeing a lot about mercury-contaminated fish and I wonder if we all are going to stop fishing and eating the great wonders of our seas and streams? Considering that mining has been going on for hundreds of years, how many cases of mercury poisoning have been recorded to-date? How many deaths have been attributed to mercury poisoning? Let’s get real. More people have died from car accidents, food poisoning and going for a walk in the park than this. I would really like to know, are we going to prevent little children and adults from fishing in the future? This is going to cause more panic than good and people can die from panic. I believe we ought to forget the whole thing and go fishing. It is a lot more fun. And eat fish? Bring it on. I love them all. Let’s file this one with the “global warming” scare. Ruth Smith, Auburn