To financial oblivion we go

Reader Input
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I think I’ve stumbled onto a truism. Mark Twain referred to our federal legislature as “that grand old benevolent asylum for the helpless!” I think he hit the nail on the head. In our modern day of scientific achievement and intellectualism, we hope to send our brightest and most talented citizens to represent us in the halls of government. Somehow, they either become exceptionally greedy for power and wealth or they become mentally incapacitated. In our homes we know that if we borrow 43 cents for every dollar we spend, we will soon be drowning in unrecoverable debt. We cut what we spend and try to pay our way out of debt. But in Congress, those evil or mentally challenged elected officials think they can borrow and borrow and borrow and never cut anything. Wars — yeah, let’s have another one. Let’s borrow from our enemies to fight our new enemies and keep driving our nation to financial oblivion! After all, aren’t we the “savior of the world?” It’s time we replace every blooming idiot in government who doesn’t have enough sense to see that we are in exceptionally deep trouble that requires government to rein in its drunken stupor of raising taxes and deficit spending. Beryl Smith, Auburn