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Reader Input
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I have no doubt about the many angry letters regarding the Wal-Mart/Costco proposal, and lots of problems and cat fights it would definitely generate. My objection is why should it be situated right at a residential area? That’s like mixing peaches with spinach, not to mention a mad funneling of the traffic to the point of absolute bedlam — guaranteed. I still haven’t read of any possible alternative site — in a business zone, not residential. I do see several large, unused open spaces by, or near, Highway 49 that would be far better suitable in this growing North Auburn area. I wish planners would have the common sense to just try this. If not, then what, may I ask, is the problem? I personally would like to see a Costco and a Trader Joe’s thrown in. It would save us a lot of precious time and gas making a 40-plus mile round-trip each time, and safer, too. It’s nice to have Best Buy and Bev Mo here now. Guy Wingfield, Applegate