Fire crew and medics a team

Reader Input
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I, too, wondered why a fire truck was sent with each ambulance on a 911 call (“Money trail tough to follow,” Reader Input, June 18).
I found out why last December. I was in Hawaii and had a very serious heart problem that required my daughter to call 911.
A fire truck with three men and an ambulance with three medics (one in training) responded.
I was on the kitchen floor when the firemen arrived slightly ahead of the ambulance. One immediately put an oxygen mask on me.
Then the medics took over and got me stabilized and ready to transport.
After other things were done to me it was time to get me out of the house to the ambulance and this is were the firemen were most needed.
The medics were treating me and had their hands full. I was on oxygen, had an IV in one arm, a EKG monitor hooked up and I don’t know what else.
The firemen had to wheel the gurney out the back door, across the patio, through the garage and to the ambulance while the medics carried their equipment and monitored me as I was being moved.
I was placed in the back of the ambulance with the three medics while one fireman drove the ambulance to the hospital.
Having seen all this first-hand, I now never question why both the ambulance and fire truck respond together.
George Simmons, Auburn